Fields Notes 17:3 | Page 25

@FieldsInstitute Just because... Enjoying a visit to the @FieldsInstitute to do some mathematics! - Alejandro Adem, @alejandroadem Our favourite tweets from the last four months The Fields Institute has some intricate and beautiful artwork At the end of the day, sunlight adorns this 120-cell displayed in the @FieldsInstitute. - Joshua Bowman, @Thalesdisciple Just before Jason Lotay's public lecture: Adventures in the 7th Dimenstion .@FieldsInstitute lecture about to start. Dear 18 year old self-you now go to math lectures for entertainment. - Matthew Oldridge, @MatthewOldridge After the sad news of Maryam Mirzakhani's passing During Lila Kari's talk at our Ada Lovelace Day event Doodles by a Fields Medal winner. Goodbye Maryam Mirzakhani. @FieldsInstitute @mknrcm @ FieldsMathEd - Judy, @judy11235813 When we posted about the origin of Friday the 13th being unlucky It's a PRIME example of numerical discrimination. @UWaterloo @FieldsInstitute Species with amphibian & reptile characteristics or fish with amphibian traits?? Molecular distance maps (MoD) capture these, weirdly cool!! - Bhairavi Shankar, @b_muscateer Upon encountering the ArtSci Salon guerilla display Cool exhibit from @Thepurplelilac at @ FieldsInstitute Hope there is another #knitaneuronTO @SciCommTOsession soon. - Elizabeth Neswald, @eneswald1 - Jonathan D. Evenboer, @jde13X During the Fields Medal Symposium public opening Martin Hairer giving his public talk titled "taming infinities" @ FieldsInstitute what an inspiring talk #2017FMS - K1, @k1monfared 25