Fields Notes 17:3 | Page 16

Fields Undergraduate Summer The 2017 Fields Undergraduate Summer Research Program was our biggest ever, with 33 students from around the world working on 10 projects and exploring a wide range of mathematics. Brian Morris is a declared math major who just finished his first year at Stanford, but you might find him reading more than math books – he plans to declare a second major in comparative literature next year. At Fields, Brian worked on Project 5: determining the local dimensions of self-similar measures with overlap, supervised by Kevin Hare and Kathryn Hare (no relation) from the University of Waterloo. Due to unforeseen issues, his project partner was unable to make it, but that doesn’t mean Brian spent the summer alone. In fact, his favourite part of the program was meeting all the other undergrads who were “both as interested in math as [he was] and also normal, chill people that like to do fun things.” B ri an “Mat h is in every place – in biolog y, in mecha nics, in physi cs, in whate ver you want – math is there .” Magdalen Up until grade 10, Magdalen Dobson thought she would study philosophy, but then, she discovered grade 11 calculus. “I started reading through my textbook and reading the proofs of all the theorems and I realized that the logic and reasoning that I struggled with in philosophy is much more prevalent in theoretical math. I think that’s what made me decide to study it”. She is now pursuing her undergraduate degree in pure math at MIT. At Fields, Dobson and her group were trying to find a less computationally intensive alternative to Marked Branching Diffusion for calculating value adjustments on derivatives. The work was supervised by a team from Scotiabank. Got to see some Rogers C up tenni s from the V IP box court esy of the Dean of Scien ce and Presi dent's Offic e at York University ! 16