Field Installation and Service Manual IMS127 - Page 6

Step 4 Clean up 4.1 Wipe down any Cabinet surfaces that are still dusty or dirty. Use a damp rag to wipe away any caulking residue that has been left. Use acetone on a rag to clean any pencil marks or glue residue on any interior or exterior surfaces. 4.2 Sweep the entire installation area floor area and in anywhere sawdust may have ac- cumulated. Remove the sawdust with a pan to the trash. Step 5 Load Tools and Haul Trash 5.1 Load tools and any excess material that will be reused. 5.2 Load trash, if required, and haul to specified dumpster. Each builder may have a different requirement for handling refuse from an installation. In most cases, trash generated from the cabinetry installation is to be neatly piled out of the way in the garage of the unit. On some sites, such as multiple housing sites, it may be required to move the trash to a dumpster. Oc- casionally this trash must be bagged before being moved to a dumpster. Ask your supervisor if you have any questions about the required process for handling installation trash at a particular site. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 127 6