Field Installation and Service Manual IMS127 - Page 5

2.3 Once the checklist is completed, sign your name and place the Installation Packet in the Wall Cabinet over the refrigerator in the top of a Tall Oven Cabinet. Step 3 Wrap Up Tools 3.1 One way to wrap up tools in an effective manner is to first put away your small tools that go into boxes or containers. Follow with the small corded tools, and then the large corded tools such as saws and the compressor. Roll up the extension cords and hoses last, after every- thing that may be on top of them or can snag them has been removed. Move all of the tooling out of the area and stage them closer to the exit so they do not interfere with making a clean broom sweep of the area. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. 127 Section 1: IMS 127 5