Field Installation and Service Manual IMS126 - Page 4

Step 3 Perform the Repair Some of these tasks may have been completed at an earlier time in the install process, and have been detailed in earlier sections of this manual. Use the techniques detailed here to help determine the types of surface repairs that will be required of the installer at the time of installation. Performing Surface Repair can require the use of flammable and hazardous materials. Always store, use and dispose of these materials and tools in a responsible manner. Technique 1 - Capping Visible Installation Screw Heads 3 T1.1 All installation screws that will be visible when the cabinet doors are opened must be capped to match the cabinet interior. Screw caps require the screw and surface im- mediately around the screw head to be com- pletely flat. A properly driven installation screw will be exactly flush or slightly below its surrounding surface. If it is not flush, back it out and reset, countersink or replace it until it finishes flush or below. 3 T1.2 Remove an adhesive screw cap from its backer and place it over the screw head. Once the screw is flush, confirm that there are no eruptions or loose chips in the material around the screw. 3 T1.3 the adhesive. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Press firmly on the cap to set Section 1: IMS 126 4