Field Installation and Service Manual IMS125 - Page 2

Field Installation and Service Manual SECTION 1- INSTALLATION Adjusting Doors and Drawers Illustrated Method Sheet 125 Step 1 Understanding Hardware Capabilities and Limitations The types of hinges and drawer mounts used in frameless cabinetry are truly amazing works of engineering. Once a door is mated to its mounting, a simple turn of a screwdriver allows a great deal of adjustment... enough to make the tight tolerances between the doors and moldings typical of this product look straight, even and attractive. The concealed hinges used with our product allow a door to be quickly removed and reinstalled from a cabinet for installation, maintenance or cleaning. When installed, the adjustment screws on the hinge allow the door to be easily moved up, down, side to side and in-and-out from each hinge location in order to finely align a door to adjacent doors, drawer faces and moldings. Depending on the model of hinge, the total amount of movement in any one direction can be up to 1/8”. Drawer brackets allow for the removal and reinstallation of a drawer face and provide approximately 1/8” vertical adjustment for each side of the drawer face. Used together, the available adjustment in this system allows the doors and drawers of a well installed run of cabinetry to be adjusted to the very tight and even reveals expected from frameless cabinets. These available adjustments will never compensate for shoddy installation or poor workmanship in the assembly or installation of the cabinetry. However, if the cabinets are installed plum, level and square, the available adjustment in the hinges and drawer brackets can help make the overall fit and finish of a kitchen installation attain a precision look. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 125 2