Field Installation and Service Manual IMS122 - Page 3

Caulking Cabinets to Walls * Caulk all intersections where crown or shadow molding contacts the ceiling or soffit. 2.2 Caulk all exterior cabi- net joints where a cabinet comes into contact with a painted wall. Do not caulk any gaps that are larger than 1/8” unless directed. Never caulk a gap larger than 1/4 “ for any reason. Gaps of this size should be handled with molding or wall repair. * Caulk all intersections where cabinet sides and molding ends contact a wall. Caulk all intersections where cabinet fillers contact a wall. * Do not caulk any portion of a gap that exceeds 1/8” unless directed. Large gaps in these areas must be addressed with applied scribe molding on the cabinetry or repair to the wall. 122 2.3 Apply the caulking in a smooth continuous bead that fills the gap completely with a minimum of excess. Once it is applied, it must be quickly smoothed and the excess wiped away with a damp rag. A properly dressed caulk joint will have a smooth transition from the one surface to the other. It will have no excess caulking on either surface, and the filled area of the gap will not protrude or shrink back. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 122 3