Field Installation and Service Manual IMS121 - Page 14

Step 9 Final Fit Tops and Make Up Joint 9.1 Once the tops have been cut to their scribed marks, Endcaps and Endsplashes have been installed and Sink Cutouts have been made, place them into position to check the fit at the wall, the joint and any criti- cal overhangs. Make any adjustments necessary so overhangs into a stove opening are flush, joints are tight and align evenly, and no gaps exist greater than 1/8” where the back of the laminate countertop meets a wall. When the fit is correct, make a pencil index mark across the joint at the front and back of the top. This mark will aid alignment in the next steps. Checking Final Fit of Laminate Top to Walls, Overhangs and Openings Overhang Should be Flush for Stove Opening Wall A Scribe Marked Line Cut to Match Wall Condition Sink Cutout Behind Back of Cabinet Face by 1/4” Joint Aligns Properly Index Mark 3/4” Standard Overhang Sink Cutout Centered Side to Side Over Sink Cabinet Wall B ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 121 14