Field Installation and Service Manual IMS120 - Page 7

Step 5 Secure the Wood Top in Place (Two Wall Corner With Open End) 5.2 Use #7 x 1-1/4” screws along the front stretch- ers of the cabinets into the Wood Top from below. 5.1 Before placing the scribed Wood Top in fi nal position, install angle brackets at each end and every four feet along the back of the cabinets. Place a screw within 3” of any cabinet side or pair of sides. If it is shorter than four feet in length, the angle brackets may be replaced with dollops of construction adhesive. Place a screw through the angle brackets into the Wood Top at the back of the cabinet if they are being used. Finish Top Attachment Angle Brackets or Dollops of Construction Adhesive* Placed 3” From Each End and No Further Than 4’ Apart #7 x 1-1/8” Screws Through Front Stretcher Into Finished Top (* only if tops are shorter than 4’ in length) Special Layout, Mark and Scribe Cut Wood Tops (Three Wall Niche) SP.1 Measure the wall conditions with a straight edge and a carpenters square. 120 Finished Top Niche Layout Out of Square Condition Determine any “Out of Square” conditions in the side walls and calculate the “Actual Wood Top Size”. Add 1/4” to the “Actual Wood Top Size”. The result will be the rough cut size for the Wood Top. Actual Finished Top Size Out of Square Condition ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 120 7