Field Installation and Service Manual IMS120 - Page 3

Finished Top Scribed to Back and Side Walls Finish Top End Overhang erhang Finish Top Finished Top Is Scribed to Fit Wall Conditions, If Gaps Occur, they must be less than 1/8” Cabinet Face 1/2” 1.3 In the case of a typical two wall fi t, Wood Tops will only contact a wall at its back and one end. Wherever the Wood Top contacts the wall, the gap should never be greater than 1/8”. If a gap is larger at any point, the Wood Top must be scribe marked and cut to fi t within tolerance. On the open end of the Wood Top, it should overhang the end of a cabinet run by 1/2”. Step 2 Cut Wood Top Blanks to Rough Length (Two Wall Corner With Open End) 2.1 Measure the length needed to cover the cabinets and layout the cut onto a Wood Top blank. Measuring Length Needed for Finished Tops Accounting for Wall Conditions Understand how the side wall interacts with the back wall of the space. If it is not perpendicular to the back, measure- ments taken at the front and the back of the space across the top of the cabinets will be different. When cutting a Wood Top to rough length, be sure to add the “Out of Square” amount to the span and overhang. This will give the “Wood Top Largest Dimension” or “Rough Length”. Wood Top blanks have fi nished ends on both sides. Confi rm that the layout is handed correctly, so that the overhang will have a fi nished end. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. “Out of Square” 120 Line Along Back Wall Parralell to Cabinet Front Back Wall Back Wall Finished Top Longest Dimenesion “Rough Length” Side Wall Pinches In- top Dimension Will be Longer in the Back 1/2” Over- hang for Top @ Open End Side Wall Splays Out- Top Dimension Will be Longer in the Front Finished Top Longest Dimenesion “Rough Length” Cabinet Front Finished Top Overhang Right Cabinet Front Finished Top Overhang Left Section 1: IMS 120 “Out of Square” 3