Field Installation and Service Manual IMS120 - Page 2

Field Installation and Service Manual SECTION 1 - INSTALLATION Installing Wood Tops Illustrated Method Sheet 120 Step 1 Lay Out Wood Tops 1.1 Confi rm the location of any Wood Tops and the direction of any joints and fi nished ends. Calculate needed sizes from material supplied and right or left handing if fi nished ends are specifi ed. 1.2 Examine the walls in the area where Wood Tops will be installed. Identify out of square conditions at corners as well as humps and recesses along the length of the walls. Utilize both a straight edge (level) and a carpenters square to determine the wall and corner conditions. This information is important for accurately fi tting the top to the wall and corner condi- tion with proper alignment to the face of the cabinets. Determining the Corner and Back Wall Conditions for a Finish Top Installation Use a straight edge and a carpenters square to display the actual corner to back wall condition. Wood Tops are a counter surface constructed with the same materials and fi nish as the cabinetry. They can help give a true furniture look to any cabinet installation. Without a straightedge, small imperfections in the backwall can give an inaccurate representation of the corner ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 120 2