Field Installation and Service Manual IMS117 - Page 3

Step 2 Installing Decorative Panels Securing Decorative Panels With Screws 2.1 Decorative Panels are typically applied to cabi- net sides or Structural Panels installed to the backs of cabi- nets. Cabinet Back or Side Except for extreme condi- tions, these panels are to be attached with screws from the inside of a cabinet or panel. Confi rm all reveals are accu- rate and secure with a screw at each corner for panels 30” or shorter and at the center along the sides for panels longer than 30”. Screws are Placed at Each Corner of a Decorative Panel Frame Add Screws at the Center of the Panel Along the Frame When the Panel is Longer Than 30” Solid Wood Finished Decorative Panel Thermofoil Decorative Panel 117 2.2 Securing Decorative Panels With Nails Nails OK if Placed Along Detail Lines of Frame, then Filled and Finished Surface With No Access to Decorative Panel Back Nails are Never Allowed Through a Flat Face Area of a Decorative Panel In the case that the in- side of a cabinet is inaccessible, the panels may be installed with nails through the face pro- vided the nails are placed in inconspicuous locations, such as below detail lines of the panel frame and then repaired to match the fi nish. Nails through any fl at face area are not al- lowed. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 117 3