Field Installation and Service Manual IMS115 - Page 4

Step 3 Fit, Hinge and Dry Test the Placement 3.1 Check the cut piece to confi rm that it fi ts and the oversized material does not interfere with its surroundings. 3.2 Hinging the Skin to the area it will cover will help it align without adjustment once the glue is applied. To hinge the Skin, apply masking tape to one of the long sides so it can be folded open to apply glue and then closed to place the skin in its exact location. Detail for Aligning Repair Skin with a Masking Tape Hinge Repair Skin Contact Adhesive Applied and Dry Per Glue Instructions Tape Hinge Hinge Allows for Overlap ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. SIde to be Skinned Section 1: IMS 115 4