Field Installation and Service Manual IMS114 - Page 3

Step 2 Install Heat Deflector Mounting Locations Calculate Molding to be Flush w/ Top of Door Box Face 1/2” Top View Decorative Door Style Heat Deflector Molding Calculate Molding to be Flush w/ Bottom of Cabinet 114 Box Face 3/4” Extend Toekick to Include Heat Deflector 2.1 Top View Square Edge Door Style The Heat Defl ector Molding will be placed in a slightly different position depending on the door style used. If the doors are a square-edged design, the molding should be installed fl ush with the face of the door or 3/4” in front of the cabinet box face. If the doors have a decorative edge detail, mount the Heat Defl ector Molding 1/2” forward of the cabinet box face. In either case, the molding should line up with the bottom of the cabinet box on the lower end and fl ush with the top of the drawer front or door edge on the upper end. Predrill the molding with 3/16” clearance holes prior to driving the attaching screws. The predrill pattern should be 1-1/4” back from the face of the molding, 3” in from each end and centered between the end screws. Secure the Heat Defl ector Molding with #7 x 1-1/8” fl athead screws and apply fi nish to the bare end. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 114 3