Field Installation and Service Manual IMS110 - Page 7

2.7 Continue stitching and Preleve- ling the Base Cabinets together into a series for each wall. Make sure that the back of each Base Cabinet will align with the Index Line. Step 3 Calculate, Cut and Install Cleating for Under Counter Appliances 3.1 110 1O Placing Temporary Spacer Jigs to hold appliance openings while the Base Cabinets are being nudged and shimmed into place can be a great time saver. Attach these spacers with screws in areas where any marks from the attachment will not be seen. Establishing a Square Appliance Space While Stitching Base Cabinets 3.2 Calculate and cut the cleat- ing that will mount at the wall for built-in under coun- ter appliance opening. Tack the cleat into place between the cabinets to help hold the space along with the Tem- porary Spacer Jigs while the cabinets are being leveled. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Appliance Space Cleat Temporary Spacer Jigs Appliance Space Section 1: IMS 110 7