Field Installation and Service Manual IMS110 - Page 6

2.5 You can confi rm that a shim is the correct thickness by placing it on the top of the cabinet at the wall and making sure it aligns with the Index Line. Field Tip: Place a small dollop of construc- tion adhesive under the shims that you may place on the fl oor under the back corner of a base cabinet as you stitch them together. This will help keep the shim in place as you adjust the cabinet into position. Always use solid wood ripped to the dimension needed to elevate the back of the cabinet to the Index Line. Standard tapered shims work poorly for this purpose because they can easily be pushed out of alignment and are diffi cult to reach in order to readjust once the cabi- net is in place. Preleveling a Base Cabinet Back of Cabinet Side Tapered Shims Can Easily Move Out of Adjustment, and Are Not Accessible essible When Cabinet inet is in Place Base Cabinet Index Line Back of Cabinet Side Prelevel Shim Placement on Floor at Back of Cabi