Field Installation and Service Manual IMS110 - Page 5

Screw Stitching Pattern for Base Cabinets 2.3 Stitch the Base Cabinet boxes together with #7 x 1-1/8” fl athead screws. 2” Place a screw in front of each hinge plate where it will be covered by the hinge arm, and above the drawer below the front stretcher at the cabinet face. 2” Leave Area Clear of Attachment Screws for Possible Electrical Access Install a screw within 1” of the face wherever the span between screws is greater than 16”. Also place a screw in the back upper corner no closer than 2” of the back and top of the box. This will prevent interference with electrical access holes that may be required between the cabinets in this corner. Add Screw Whenever Span is Wider than 16” Placement for Cabinet Stitching Screws 110 1O 2.4 If the back of a Base Cabinet falls short of the Base Cabinet Index Line, the Base Cabinet will require Preleveling. Place shims under the cabinet sides at the back to bring it into alignment with the Index Line prior to proceeding with the next cabinet. Shims used in this location should be 4” to 6” in length and ripped (untapered) from solid 2” x 4” lumber to the thickness needed. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 110 5