Field Installation and Service Manual IMS110 - Page 3

Step 1 Prep and Place the Base Cabinets 1.1 Stage the Base Cabinets near the area where they will be installed. 110 1O Remove the doors and draw- ers. Store them out of the way in a protected area such as the refrigerator space. 1.2 Confi rm that there is no debris on the fl oor in the area where base cabinets will be placed. 1.3 If there is a Tall Cabinet, begin with the adjacent Base Cabinet. If there is no Tall Cabinet or the Base Cabinets do not install against the Tall Cabinet, begin on a wall with a location where vertical alignment is critical, such as an appliance opening or a lo- cation where the Wall and Base Cabinets must align vertically. Place the fi rst Base Cabinet edge in its required position. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 110 3