Field Installation and Service Manual IMS110 - Page 11

Step 7 Install Cabinet Wall Fillers 7.1 Calculate and cut Cabinet Wall Fillers to span any spaces between cabinet sides and a wall. 110 See Section 1 Installation- IMS 106 Installing Cabinet Wall Fillers Field Tip: In some cases, the base cabi- net will not contact the wall at the top corners when it has been plumbed and leveled. Securing a Base Cabinet Under Tension When Cabinet Must be Held from Wall and Studs are not Available at Outside Corners Typically, shims and screws are used at these corners to keep the cabinet level when fastening it to the wall. In the case of large cabinets where a stud is not located close to the cabinet sides, it is helpful to arrange the shims so the back attach will defl ect slightly (up to 1/4”). Shimming correctly at the outside corners and then shim- ming less at the interior stud locations can keep the cabi- net secured against the wall through tension created in the back attach cleat. If the top corners of a cabinet box do not contact the wall when a cabinet is plumb and level, place shims at the outside edges to hold the cabinet level even if a screw will not reach a stud. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. At the stud locations, shim with less space so that the back attach is placed under a slight tension. (up to 1/4” for cabinets over 18” wide) Top View of Base Cabinet Section 1: IMS 110 11