Field Installation and Service Manual IMS109 - Page 7

Field Tip: Make sure to follow safety practices whenever using a Power Miter Saw. Modern saws are very safe, but if you allow things to go wrong, they will do so very quickly. Most mishaps with this tool will occur from failure to support the work properly. You can easily account for this by making sure the work is fi rmly held against both the fence and table, and that you have made provisions for supporting the piece that will fall when the cut is fi nished. Let the saw come to a COMPLETE stop before you lift it out of a cut. A coasting saw blade will quickly fi nd a loose piece of material as it is lifted out of the cut and launch it randomly at great speeds. 109 Also, coasting saw blades can tear up a fresh, pristine cut. Keep your hands away from the cut. There are mark- ings on the saw table that show where to keep you hands during a cut. Use them. Never make a cut that makes you hold on to less than N 6” 6 of material. Reminder- The best source for any safety or use Re information for any power tool is the manufacturer’s inf owners manual. ow ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 109 7