Field Installation and Service Manual IMS109 - Page 2

Field Installation and Service Manual SECTION 1- INSTALLATION Installing Light Rail Molding Illustrated Method Sheet 109 Light Rail is a decorative molding that is usually mounted to the underside of a wall cabinet box to cover counter lighting installations from view. It is available as a single piece of molding with detailed or squared edges and in an “ELL” shaped confi guration with a backer piece attached. The procedure in this Illustrated Method Shee t assumes that the steps described previous- ly have been completed. Light Rail Molding is the last item to complete be- fore begining to install the Base Cabinets. Except for reinstalling the doors and shelves, it com- pletes the Wall Cabinet installation and represents an approximate midpoint in the installation process overall. Since Light Rail Molding is placed at eye level, the workmanship displayed by the installer will receive some of the highest scru- tiny by the Builder and eventual Homeowner. Light Rail Placement Examples 1/8” Overhang to Front Side View Flush to Side Front View AMLR2 and AMLR 5 3/8” Overhang to Front Side View Flush to Side Front View Unlike crown molding that installs against a fl at surface such as Sub Crown, Light Rail installs directly to the bottom of the wall cabinets. The challenge is that the placement of Light Rail changes. It should be mounted at differ- ent depths depending on type and location. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 109 2