Field Installation and Service Manual IMS108 - Page 12

Crown Cutting Position for Splice Miter Miter Saw Fence Saw Fence Miter Saw Table 3.8 Splices are cut as scarf joints that will overlap each other slightly. The back of the molding lies fl at against the fence of the miter saw with a cut angle of 22-1/2 degrees . Splice Placement Plan to lay the fi rst piece so that the open face of the cut joint faces outward, allow- ing the second piece to cover and form the overlap of the scarf. Prefi t the joint and confi rm that the splice fi ts well without requiring a lot of tension from the nails. Remember to color the outermost edges of the mating pieces prior to fi tting them for the fi nal time. Use glue when making up the splice and try not to place nails closer than 2 inches to the joint. A single nail over the splice is permissible if necessary. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 108 12