Field Installation and Service Manual IMS107 - Page 2

Field Installation and Service Manual SECTION 1 - INSTALLATION Installing a Hood Vent Shroud Illustrated Method Sheet 107 Step 1 Layout and Cut the Shroud Parts 1.1 Design the width of the shroud the same width as the Hood Cabinet. Top View Top of Hood Cabinet 11-3/4” Hood Vent Shroud Hood Vent Shroud Layout Bottom Cleat 10-3/4” Upper Corner Cleat Side Elevation 1-1/8” Ceiling Front Elevation Hood Vent Cabinet Width The procedure detailed in this Illustrated Method Shee t assumes that the Wall Cabinets have been installed correctly, plumb, level and square. Shroud 10-3/4” 10-1/8” 1/4” Short of Ceiling Hood Vent Back Wall Hood Cabinet Hood Cabinet 11-7/8” Hood Vent Shrouds are required when vents must exit above the cabinets and they do not install against the ceiling. They are completely laid out, cut, assembled and installed by the installer from a single sheet of material. 1.2 Design the height of the Hood Vent Shroud to fi nish within 1/4” of horizontal soffi t or ceiling line. If a typical crown confi guration using Shadow Molding (ATSM) is specifi ed, the sides of the shroud should be designed at a width of 10-3/4” overall. This will allow for the Shadow Molding and crown to be installed without interference from the shroud. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 107 2