Field Installation and Service Manual IMS106 - Page 7

Step 5 Measure, Cut and Install Bottom Fillers for Wall Cabinets 5.1 Measure the wall condition at the back corner and at the front of a cabinet side directly behind the Wall Filler. 106 5.2 Typically, this wall condition will require a ta- pered cut. Make the scribe cut as described in 3B of this IMS. Do not cut the piece to fi nal length until this scribe cut is completed. 5.3 Tap the fi ller into place and secure. If the fi ller fi ts snug and is less than 4” wide, use 1-1/4” fi nish nails through the inside bottom of the cabinet angled into the fi ller. Securing a Properly Fitted Bottom Filler If the Bottom Filler is larger than 3” wide or does not fi t snug in its opening, use a cleat mounted to the side of the wall cabinet to help secure it. 35 1-1/4” 18 ga. Finish Nail Bottom Filler Wider Than 3” 1-1/4” 18 ga. Finish Nail ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 106 7