Field Installation and Service Manual IMS106 - Page 3

Step 3 Rip Filler to Fit (With Simple, Tapered and Complex Reveal Space Conditions) onditions) Step 3A - Rip Filler to Fit: Simple Wall Condition Space between wall and cabinet is parallel 106 3A.1 Simple If the dimensions along the space to be fi lled are within 1/16”, transfer the largest measurement to the table saw and rip the scribe material to width with fi nished side up. Step 3B - Rip Filler to Fit: Tapered Wall Condition Wall is straight but the fi ller space dimension is different from top to bottom. 3B.1 Tapered In a condition where the wall is straight but not plumb, the space to be fi lled will be in the shape of a taper. Identify the dimensions required for a fi ller to fi t snug in the space. Wall Filler- Scribing to a Tapered Wall Condition Transfer the smallest measured dimension to the face of the fi ller at the end that will enter the saw fi rst. Confi rm that the mark is visible. Make the wider dimension on the opposite end. If needed, mark a straight line be- tween the two points. Tapered wall condition at filler space 2-3/4” 2-3/4” Wall Cabinet 3B.2 Tapered Wall 2-1/2” ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Scribe material measured and marked to fit a tapered filler space between a wall and a wall cabinet 2-1/2” Section 1: IMS 106 3