Field Installation and Service Manual IMS105 - Page 2

Field Installation and Service Manual SECTION 1 - INSTALLATION Installing Cabinet Inside Corner Fillers Illustrated Method Sheet 105 Inside Corner Fillers for Wall Cabinets Step 1 Calculate and Install the Vertical Corner Filler Components 1.1 A typical Wall Cabinet Inside Corner Filler ar- rangement consists of two separate overlapping fi ller sides attached to each other with screws and a Bot- tom Corner Filler that covers the dead space from view. Inside Corner Filler Parts for Wall Cabinet Unlike cabinet wall fi llers, Cabinet Inside Corner Fillers are most effi ciently installed as the cabinet boxes are being installed instead of after. x This may seem back- wards, but as long as care is taken in making accurate measurements and cuts, the corner fi ller arrangement can be com- pleted much more easily when done this way. This can translate into a higher level of effi ciency and fi nish quality. x x x Filler 1 x Filler 2 x Cabinet 1 ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. x x Bottom Corner Filler Cabinet 2 Section 1: IMS 105 2