Field Installation and Service Manual IMS104 | Page 6

4.4 Stitch the two boxes together with #7 x 1-1/8” fl athead screws. Step 5 4.5 4.6 Confi rm the new box is plumb, level and square. Secure the box to the wall as previously described. Prepare and Install Wall Cabinets with Cutouts 5.1 When a cabinet must cover a plumbing, electrical or air vent service protrusion, carefully measure for the cut- outs from the side of an adjacent cabinet or the nearest cabinet edge location. Because of possible poor wall conditions and fi ller dimensions, perpendicular walls in the room make a poor index for meas- uring accurate cutouts. Measuring a Cutout Location W3036 ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Hood Vent Section 1: IMS 104 6