Field Installation and Service Manual IMS102 - Page 6

Step 3 Drawing The Wall Cabinet Index Line The Wall Cabinet Index Line is the exact location where the wall cabinet box bottoms will align in height along a wall. This dimension is not usually given in the plans, but is determined by subtracting the height of the wall cabinet boxes from the “Uppers @” dimension that is in the plans. 3.1 Determine the height of the Wall Cabinet Index Line from the plans. In this example, 30” uppers (wall cabinets) @ Wall Cabinet Index Line - = 87” 87” 30” 57” W 2 x 15" Do 33 30-GAS-RANGE1 30" Range 30" MicroHood Above Heat Deflectors 2 x (AMHD) w/ RTF Doors Only Calculating the Wall Cabinet Index Line using the “Uppers @” Dimension from the Plans B18-R B18-L MW.HOOD W3015 30” W3030 The Wall Cabinet Index Line will be marked at 57” above the location of the highpoint of the fl oor. Kitchen Soffit Ht. = 90" Uppers @ 87" Shadow Molding No Light Rail 87” 5/8" Panel (AP2435) AF630 BDD33 57” 59" 5/8" Back Panels (2 x AP4835) Corner Molding (AMOC) Batten Molding (AMB) ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 102 6