Field Installation and Service Manual IMS102 - Page 17

Locating the Highpoint on the Floor 102 Projected Laser Line 2’ intervals 34-1/2” SP.5 Continue measuring the projected line from the fl oor at 2’ intervals on any wall in the room that will be receiving cabinets. Skip the interval if the 34-1/2” measurement falls below the laser line. Mark any points where the measurement exceeds the height of the line with the amount of the difference. (Step SP.3) The mark where the difference is greatest represents the Highpoint of the fl oor for the room. This mark will set the height for the Base Cabinet Index Line. Floor Highpoint and Base Cabinet Index Line Starting Point Established Base Cabinet Index Line Starting Point 34-1/2” From Floor Highpoint Floor Highpoint ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 102 17