Field Installation and Service Manual IMS102 - Page 16

Special Locating the Highpoint on the Floor -Complex or Large Layout SP.1 Locate the middle wall of a U-shaped instal- lation or the wall that will hold the longest run of cabinets. Measure up 34-1/2” from the fl oor and lightly mark the wall. Set a Line Generating Laser Level at that mark. SP.2 Measure from the fl oor to the line generated by the laser at 2’ intervals. Floor Height Compared to Laser Level Projections at Intervals 36 36 35 35 34 33 32 SP.3 34 The 34-1/2” Floor Dimension is below the Laser Projection- No need to mark. 33 32 The 34-1/2” Floor Dimension is above the Laser Projection- Mark a line on the wall at 34-1/2” and note the difference. If the laser line is higher than 34-1/2”, move to the next interval and repeat. If the laser line is lower than 34-1/2” at any of the intervals, mark the measurement on the wall as well as the amount it exceeded the laser line. Continue along the intervals until the entire wall has been evaluated. Mark where the Laser Line from ƚŚĞĮƌƐƚǁĂůů intersects the ĂĚũĂĐĞŶƚǁĂůů SP.4 In a situation where cabinets will continue around a corner such as in a U or L- shaped layout, it will be necessary to trans- fer the Projected Laser Level Line from the fi rst wall to the next. You can transfer this line accurately by mark- ing the point where the laser line intersects an adjacent wall and then resetting the laser on the adjacent wall to line up exactly with the mark from the previous laser projection. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Reset the h laser l level l l o onto the adjacent wall and align it in height ƵŶƟůŝƚŵĂƚĐŚĞƐƚŚĞ ŵĂƌŬĨƌŽŵ ƚŚĞĮƌƐƚǁĂůů Section 1: IMS 102 16