Field Installation and Service Manual IMS101 - Page 9

4.4 Set up a battery recharg- ing station out of the way from work areas. 101 4.5 Layout cords and hoses along a route that will keep them out from under the work area or walk ways as much as possible. Minimize the length of each hose and cord so that only what is needed is rolled out. Coil the bal- ance out of the way. Setting Up Tools and Staging Cabinets for Efficiency, Accuracy and Safety Compressor and Hose Out Feed Table or Roller Stand Miter Saw and Stand Dust Control Table Saw and Stand Base Cabinets Power Cord Stacked Stripped Doors and Shelves Charging Station Clear Working Area Excess Hose Coiled and Out of the Way Stacked and Organized Accessories Wall and Tall Cabinets Clear Installation Area ©2014 RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions, all rights reserved. Section 1: IMS 101 9