Field Installation and Service Manual IMS101 - Page 6

2.2 Make note of any shortages, wrong items shipped or items dam- aged beyond use. Forward this information via Email to your Field Supervisor immediately so that problems can be addressed while the installation is underway if possible. Step 3 Staging Staging is the process of unwrapping, preparing and moving the cabinets and parts into a logical arrangement for installation. 3.1 3.2 Remove wrapping material and trash as soon as you have created enough to make an effi cient trip to the dis- posal area. It is essential that you do not damage the surface or texture of the walls in any way. Use cardboard wrap- ping from the cabinets to separate any lumber from the fi nished wall surfaces as you stage the material. Leaving it for later means you will have to handle it twice and deal with the clutter in the meantime. Make sure they are away from a work area. Based on order of installation, rough tops can be placed against the wall fi rst, then accessory panels, moldings and fi llers. To stage the installation, un- wrap each cabinet and accessory. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All rights reserved. Place unwrapped accessories off the fl oor and carefully leaned against a wall and out of the way. Section 1: IMS 101 6