Field Installation and Service Manual IMS101 - Page 3

Step 1 101 Arriving 1.1 Typical Neighborhood - MIx of Homes Under Construction and Occupied Exercise care not to rev your engine excessively or play music loudly from your vehicle. Occupied New Unoccupied Homes that are adjacent to the worksite or along the route to the worksite may be occupied. Under Construction Homeowners that are dis- turbed are likely to complain to the contractor, our customer. 1.2 Construction Traffic Arrive early and park in a designated area. Do not Park: (Counterclockwise from Left) - On new concrete - In front of machinery access routes - Next to piles of materials or sand - Next to excavations - Near structures that will be paint or stucco sprayed - In front of sidewalks under construction - In front of occupied homes - On new home driveways ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All rights reserved. Section 1: IMS 101 3