Field Installation and Service Manual IMS101 - Page 10

Bringing the Right Tools and Supplies for an Install There are many options in tools for cabinetry installation. Some of these tools are very specialized and can help perform a specifi c task extremely well. Other tools may be more suited for general use, sacrifi cing a bit on specialization but reducing the overall amount of tools needed for an install. When it is necessary to transport, carry in and set up tools to perform an install, it’s important that each tool is as versatile as possible so that more work can be done with the least amount of tools. However, this should be balanced with the fact that some very specialized tools can save enough time or add back enough effi ciency to the install to warrant adding them to the list. The challenge in deciding what tools to include and which to leave at home is that each install can be very different. It’s possible and likely that a tool will be essential on one install and not needed at all on the next. The key to having the right tools (and supplies) available for any situation that may arise is to choose to bring everything you could possibly need for any install. Instead of deciding what to leave behind, arrange an effective way of transporting and managing everything you may need for any conceivable contingency. Even if some of it stays in the vehicle, at least it’s available to you should the need arise. It can make a big difference. Here is a list of the Tools and Supplies that you should have available on an install. Hand Tools Power Tools, Blades and Bits Bench Brush Caulking Gun 25’ Tape Measure Utility Knife 5 Gallon Bucket 16 oz. Finish Hammer. 1-1/2” Putty Knife 4’ Step Ladder Reversible Combo Screw Driver 6” Adjustable Wrench 12” Adjustable Pliers Bull Nose End Snip Pliers Nail Set Pry Bar Magnetic Tip Holder Combo Square Carpenters Square Vice Grip Clamps 24” Level 48” Level 72” Level Torpedo Level Line Generating Laser Level Electronic or Magnetic Stud Sensor Saw Horses Work Station Table Ball Bearing Roller Stand Pencils Black Marker Highlighter 3/8” Box End Wrench Wall Scribe Crosscut File Twist Lock Adapter 50’ 12/3 Electrical Cord 100’ 12/3 Electrical Cord 18 Volt Impact Driver 18 Volt 3/8” Reversible Drill 18 Volt 6-1/2” Circular Saw 18 Volt Jig Saw 18 Volt Battery Charger 18 Volt Batteries 10” Table Saw 10” Miter Saw Shop Vac Compressor 18 Ga Pin Nailer 22 Ga Brad Nailer 50’ Air Hose Hammer Drill GFCI Multi-Outlet Hole Saw Mandrel 2-1/2” Hole Saw 2” Hole Saw 3/16” Wood Drill Bit 3/16” Concrete Drill Bit Wood Countersink 1-1/4” Spade Bit 10” 60 Tooth Carbide Saw Blade 6-1/2” 24 Tooth Saw Blade Jig Saw Blades #2 Phillips Screw Tips #3 Phillips Screw Tips Angle Grinder Sanding Pad and Discs Trim in Router Flush Trim Router Bit ©2014 RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions, all rights reserved. Section 1: IMS 101 10