Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain LIFE Spring 2015, Issue 11 - Page 6

“Let’s do this. Let’s start right now. Let’s make PAIN CARE PROVIDERS DAY happen. ” some cookies for the clinic staff, sending flowers to the person who schedules your appointments, blogging, or writing a letter to the editor in support of better access to effective pain care for all. Unleash your creativity and spread the message. • A powerful way to raise awareness is by asking your friendly neighborhood municipal leader to officially proclaim March 20, 2015, as Pain Care Providers Day. A proclamation is a formal public declaration often written by government officials to commend individuals or to raise awareness of upcoming events, celebrations, and issues of significance. Pain Care Providers Day is a prime opportunity for us to secure proclamations honoring our caregivers from all walks of life who labor, often under duress, to alleviate suffering in our communities. Here’s how it can be done… • Identify the best person/office to approach for the proclamation, such as: city leaders, state representatives and/or members of Congress. • Contact the offices to request a proclamation. • View official websites for instructions on how to submit a formal request; a form may be available for online submission. • Use the draft proclamation language below as a guide for submission with the understanding that the final language may change to conform to standard protocols. • If possible, meet with the official for the signing of the proclamation. Take a photograph and obtain permission to use the photograph to further increase awareness of Pain Care Providers Day . Please use social media to the fullest extent and tweet with the hashtag #WhyPCPD. Dr. Pat Murphy Life • “We can’t just want it to happen. We have to make it happen. Thank you. I’m feeling stronger already. 6  Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Sample Proclamation from Louisville, Kentucky Sp r i n g ”