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Pamela Powell is a Chicago area film critic and member of the Chicago Film Critics Association. With a master’s degree from Northwestern and a healthcare background, Pamela gravitates toward films that can better our community and world. From teaching radio broadcasting to having her own radio show on an NPR affiliated station, Pamela shares her unique perspectives about films with her audiences. Currently, Pamela writes for The Daily Journal’s Reel Talk, FF2 Media, and www.reelhonestreviews.com

Pamela Powell is a film critic Pamela Powell in Chicago where she has been reviewing big blockbuster films as well as independent gems for the last 10+ years. With a graduate degree from Northwestern she has tailored her writing, observational, and evaluative skills to encompass all aspects of film. With a focus on women in film, Pamela also gravitates toward films that are eye-opening, educational, and entertaining with the hopes of making this world a better place. Pamela has raised her two now-grown children, travels to film festivals around the world and makes time to backpack and travel to reconnect with nature.

Michele Gustin is Multi-talented and multifaceted, Michele is the resident style maven and unmistakable “stabilizing force” of the Fig Media Collective. Life is a painting for Michele. She loves the colors, textures, and contrast of every single day. She is grateful that so many elements of her work are a multi-dimensional reality that others get to partake in. Travel and hospitality serve as critical elements of inspiration for her work, marriage, and family. She calls Chicago and West Town home.

Katherine Fleischman is a travel expert, publicist and journalist beginning her career at 16 in the fashion and accessories closet of TeenVOGUE magazine. In 2007, she launched Do Tell PR: a public relations firm focusing on travel, food, and fashion, inspired by the global-citizen lifestyle of the modern-day millennial. Living between Miami and Italy and of Peruvian descent, Kat aims to empower people to travel, as she believes it is through exploring the world that we will bridge cultural gaps.

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