Fete Lifestyle Magazine October 2021 - Best Of Issue | Page 49

here is diversity in every

species of animal and plant

living on earth. Every bird has

a unique song. Every flower has a different color pattern. Every human has a distinct fingerprint. Diversity is what makes living things adaptable for survival. Yet humans have become infatuated with the idea of being alike, fitting into a category based on a shared characteristic, or following a designated path designed by socialization. I believe our need to belong is not only rooted in our instinct for survival, but also our awareness that we are energetically connected to a greater consciousness. Our natural state is love. Our brains are wired for love and science proves that our brains are diverse and continuously changing over the course of our lifetime. Your purpose is simply to share and receive love in your own unique way.

As human beings we have the gift of thought and imagination. Our uniqueness is expressed outwardly in how we express ourselves as well as internally by how we perceive the world. Learning to appreciate our individual differences in our appearance, in our belief systems and in our self-expression without losing our sense of belonging is empowering.

There is so much division in the world today.

Many of the messages we receive from social media, news and television programming perpetuate ideas of division, competition, scarcity, and fear. It is important that we think about the messages behind the images and stories we see daily. We want to understand how those messages impact us and contribute to what we believe about ourselves, our relationships, and our world. Many of our beliefs are limiting and simply false when we challenge them with facts. From my work as a psychologist, it seems we are programmed to believe the fallacy that we are not good enough. We are often taught that our external appearance or personal achievements are what give us value. Individuals struggling with low self-esteem tend to compare themselves to others they perceive as better than them in some way, which makes them feel insecure, jealous or a deep dissatisfaction with themselves. This tendency towards upward social comparison often results in feelings of unworthiness and social isolation. The truth is no one compares to you. You were created to be one of a kind. You are as unique as your fingerprint. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be anyone else and they can’t be you. Stop comparing yourself to others!