Fete Lifestyle Magazine November 2021 - Food Issue | Page 65

5.If I look younger, I can tell them I am younger. Don’t start off by lying or being deceitful in any way. Don’t be that person that shows a photo that doesn’t look like you. It’s a waste of people’s time and no, they won’t meet you and then fall for you. They will just be upset that you were dishonest and run for the hills.

6.Be someone you think they will want to be with. This will always backfire. They will see right through this, and you can’t keep up a charade for too long. Be yourself. You deserve to be loved for you and not the person you are pretending they will want you to be.

7.You’ll feel butterflies and sparks when it’s “the one”. The butterflies and sparks we feel are more lust and excitement than anything else. Not always do sparks and butterflies happen on the first interaction. Sometimes people grow on you and personality and attraction can happen over time. So don’t dismiss that nice one you met because you weren’t feeling initial fireworks, it can take more time to really get to know someone.