Fete Lifestyle Magazine November 2020 - Food Issue | Page 3

Favorite Spot for Monkey Bread Kanela Breakfast Club

(Multiple Locations)

Best Cheeseburger

Small Cheval

(Multiple Locations)

Best Glass Noodles –

Duck Duck Goat

(Location: West Loop

857 West Fulton Market)

This issue always puts a smile on my face. Food is the connector that brings us all together and it is even more apparent now than any other time as far as I can remember. Being on lockdown during the pandemic has spawned new cooks and chefs, ignited new food websites and social media pages, and inspired virtual dinner parties with friends located near and far. Once cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, and taquerias were given the greenlight to reopen, lines were long and getting a reservation was scarce. People wanted their lives to return to normal and dining out was a start.

Some of my best memories are related to food, and for me, eating is really about the experience. I remember being in Rome, Italy many years ago on my honeymoon and stumbling upon a restaurant in an alley that turned out to be the best Italian meal that I had ever had. Or eating our way around New Orleans and capping the weekend off with beignets from Café du Monde. However, my favorite food memories are connected to family gatherings such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Family Reunions.

I would be remiss if I did not point out what’s happening around the world right now due to Covid-19. Many people are out of work and struggling. Our favorite restaurants have closed, and small business owners have shuttered their doors. There are a lot of people wondering how they will feed themselves and their families. This is the time that we can all help folks that are in need, so I encourage you to do so. Donate a meal, groceries, or something that may help those less fortunate than you this holiday season. Food comforts. Food excites. Food inspires. I hope you enjoy our FLM November “food’ issue and have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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