Fete Lifestyle Magazine June 2021 - Travel Issue | Page 67

Photo Credit Kyle Cottrell

close your eyes and imagine sitting down on a roller coaster, buckling yourself in for the ride, bracing yourself and anticipating a blast off of excitement. Can you feel it and see it? Now close your eyes and imagine sitting around a campfire, you hear the crackling of the fire, you feel the warmth of the heat, surrounded by wilderness, dark sky, bright stars that form constellations, fresh air and the sound of crickets. You got the picture?

Where is your happy place? Where can you take your mind when you need to get away, when you need peace of mind, when you need an escape from your daily routine, or when you are tired of the old experience perpetuated by your past thoughts and emotions. Your happy place can be a favorite childhood memory, it can be a time you felt good about a decision or accomplishment, it could be the emotional exchange from a hug, it can be the last trip you took pre-COVID, it could be the feeling of freedom in your body, it could be a comfy chair, it could be....infinite possibilities. It is where you FEEL good; just how you used to dream when you were a child.

The thing about our minds is that our thoughts, feeling, and actions align with our decision. Once you decide on your happy place and where you want to go to FEEL love, then all you have to do is take a deep breath, create an image of yourself doing whatever brings you joy, and use your mind's eye to guide you through the experience. Then just be. What a difference a vacation like that makes. Mind travel anyone?

Photo Credit Leo Rivas

Photo Credit Allef Vinicius