Fete Lifestyle Magazine June 2018 - Travel | Page 62

In October 2017, Landaverde and Angara began to pave a new road in the world of technology and consumerism that just might be the next global marketplace. This new frontier, as CEO Landaverde described to me during one of the company’s recent events partnering with Virgin Hotel in Chicago, is an amalgam of Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon where the consumer interacts with their platform. Landaverde said, “[INDISTRY] was about how we get people engaged with the content. How do we make them not a passive viewer, but an active one?”

Imagine watching a film where the characters are having a wine tasting. Of course, you would love to taste it, too, but trying to identify that buttery, complex summer pinot noir was nearly impossible. Not anymore! With INDISTRY, you just touch the screen and voila! the wine is identified, and you can even purchase it! Cheers!

Product placement has been a part of the film and television industry for years, a tried and true advertising technique, but INDISTRY takes it to a new level, bringing the consumer directly to the product. Additionally, this brand integration is of benefit to the content creator as they, too, get a piece of the financial pie. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, from advertisers and creators to platform distributors and consumers/subscribers.

This is what makes INDISTRY so appealingly different---it’s a platform that provides emerging artists in film, television, and music a place to showcase their content, maintain creative control, and have the ability to monetize it continually. Landaverde said, “As long as [the content] is out there in the market, they should be monetizing it.” She continued, “We are empowering [the artist] ... We don’t want to exploit our content creators. We look at them as our partners.” Landaverde and Angara felt that today’s current distribution model is unfair and “… we wanted to give the power back to the creator and ... deliver to consumers the content they want.”

Landaverde has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, brand strategy and management, and Angara takes the seat

as COO using her 20 years of experience in

the legal and financial

arenas to lead the

company. Both women

gave up high-profile,

successful jobs to begin

this passion project two

years ago. It’s always

been a dream of theirs

to someday work

together or as Angara

said, “...to put our heads

together.” In just two

short years, these women

have launched one of

the most innovative and

exciting technological

endeavors since Facebook.

Headquartered in Chicago

with the recognition of “an

incredible amount of talent

here,” INDISTRY MEDIA also has a satellite office in Los Angeles, CA.

Supporting emerging artists is just one component of INDISTRY MEDIA. Landaverde explained that philanthropic endeavors are also at the heart of this organization. Each month, INDISTRY MEDIA coordinates an event at the Virgin Hotel Chicago to help raise money for a specific cause. In October it was the Susan G. Komen Foundation with Mario Lopez as the celebrity guest. This month, James Redford and Jill Tidman presented their HBO environmental documentary “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution.” Subscribers of INDISTRY can also tune in to the Q&A which followed the film and then contribute to The Redford Center, a non-profit organization which “funds and fiscally sponsors impact-driven documentaries that showcase stories of individuals taking action to protect the planet for current and future generations.” (Go to Reel Honest Reviews to read the review of the film.)