Fete Lifestyle Magazine February 2023 - Diversity Issue | Page 66

Photo Credit Caroline Veronez

How To Be Your Own Best Friend

5 Strategies



needs a

best friend.

Have you ever had a best friend? If not, can you imagine what it would be like to have a best friend. Having a best friend means you trust this person with your

deepest desires. Allowing

yourself to be vulnerable with sharing your most inner thoughts and feelings with this person. You are comfortable and feel at home with this person. You are supportive and listened to by this person. You are accepting and compassionate towards this person. You care about this person’s wellbeing and happiness. You love this person unconditionally. You create memories with this person that last a lifetime. Does this sound familiar or inviting?

I often wonder why people treat their best friend better than they treat

themselves. Why does your best friend get the better version of you? Well, I think you deserve to experience the best version of yourself. Your mission, if you choose, is to become your own best friend. Here are 5 strategies to do so.