Fete Lifestyle Magazine December 2020 - Holiday Issue | Page 56

As I reflect on this past year, what I have come to realize is that time is our most precious and valuable commodity, not money. As a result, I focus my time and attention on my personal growth, health, wealth, and family because this is what makes me happy. Self-reflection gives us the awareness and choice to choose who we want to be and how different we want to be moving forward. As we move closer to a New Year full of promise and hope, it is essential to our evolution that we let go of any experience, person, object, or mindset that has not contributed to our positive growth over the past year.

One way to let go is through forgiveness. The word forgiveness has many meanings to different people. The Greek word “forgiveness” translated literally means “to let go.” I am giving you permission to let go of your old mindset; any negative emotions or self-destructive thoughts or behaviors that have not supported your mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing. I am asking you to make the decision to forgive your old self for the mistakes you made, the relationships that didn't work out, the jobs that ended, the emotions that kept you down, the self-talk that made you feel unworthy, and any past trauma that made you feel guilt, shame or kept you emotionally stuck from growing. Practicing forgiveness means letting go of the need for the past to be different. Your past experiences cannot be changed; no matter how many times you think about them, replay them in your mind or relive them-it is done. Your past experiences have already changed you, but they do not define you. You are a different person today than you were yesterday. I want to reassure you that you did the best you could, given what you knew, at that time and in that space. The beauty in being human is that we share common stages of human development over time and we always have the power to transform ourselves. This is how we grow, change, and recreate ourselves.

As we bring 2020 to a close, I want you to think of yourself as a silky cocoon that is making your transformation to emerge as a beautiful butterfly with a renewed mind, body, and spirit. In the new year ahead of us, we have the power to create a new mindset and focus our attention on experiencing peace and positive emotions of joy and gratitude. Imagine you as your best self. Dedicate some time to showing your new self unconditional love and respect. Schedule time for yourself to dream and focus on new ideas and goals already fulfilled. I challenge you to move past your fear and step into your greatness. Trust yourself and your intuition- it is your guiding light and knows the path you must take to fulfill your purpose. Every human being was created for love. Every human being harnesses special talents, gifts, and untapped potential that, by design, contribute to the good of humanity. You are consciously choosing what your new mindset and higher self will think, feel, and act like. Affirm by saying aloud that you are worthy and deserving of all the good that comes into your life.

Photo Credit Annie Spratt