Fete Lifestyle Magazine December 2020 - Holiday Issue | Page 53

Photo Credit Food Photographer Jennifer Pallian

This year, resolve is about being in the moment. I try to let go of my urge to make the holidays a perfect greeting-card scene with magazine cover tablescapes and instead set the

table with the good china even

when we order Chinese. I wear

fancy tops and jewelry with

leggings and slippers because it brings me joy. I set up the Christmas tree, decorated the house a little early, and blast the holiday music without shame. The Christmas stockings I started to embroider will remain unfinished for the 9th consecutive year, and it's okay. They will still be packed with treats on the 25th, and nobody will notice. I fill a reindeer mug with cheer and get to work on my family's vintage Santa puzzle. I'll simplify the Christmas cookie list, and they will be no less delicious. The kids have ice cream for breakfast sometimes. Whatever it takes to

make us smile and break up the routine.

When the year comes

to a close, I will be

relieved and wish

2020 a not-so-fond

farewell. I will never

look at resolutions in

quite the same way

again. But for 2021,

I feel confident in my

resolve to look forward

with gratitude, joy, and