Fete Lifestyle Magazine August 2021 - Anything Goes | Page 67

recently attended the

reopening of San

Francisco’s waterfront

Exploratorium. Touting itself as “more than just a "museum,", visitors are encouraged to touch and play with the exhibits. I was there to see the latest mural by my friend, controversial artist/activist Mark Harris, who has built a name for himself pushing boundaries on topics such as race, police violence, and other critical issues facing America today. The images he creates make people question their views about race and humanity. When I first saw his work, my immediate response was, “Wow, that is bold.” I also felt a little twinge of discomfort, considering how polarized we are as a nation. Could people talk about this kind of subject matter without the conversation imploding into name calling and bad feelings? I wanted to be a fly on the wall to hear what people – both White and Black – were saying when no one was listening.

As I navigate my own path of racial awakening, Mark has been that friend I turn to when I need an ear who understands my struggle. I wanted to know more about what he does so we sat down over coffee and this is what unfolded.