Fernie & Elk Valley Culture Guide Winter 2020-21 Edition - Page 13

Elvira Nishida Gaona , 76 , Porvenir , Pando – Bolivia , 2012 .
Escobar visited Elvira every day for two weeks while documenting traditional pottery making and pre-hispanic pottery finds . Life in rural Bolivia was very different to what we know in today ’ s Canada .
Let us be extravagant in our patience and extraordinary in our kindness . We may not all be in the same boat , but we are all in similar storms , Andrea Brennan , minister at Knox United Church and priest at Christ Church Anglican .
associates in Calgary and found that people are documenting the realities of changing life all across the country .
With a desire to support the community , she began offering porch-side portraits in return for donations to the Elk Valley Covid Support Team . The response was enthusiastic and within a short amount of time she had documented 82 families . Calls began coming in from Sparwood and Elkford , where her services are available if enough people are interested . Expanding the content , Escobar is now also including business portraits and images of social changes such as mask wearing and social distancing , which she
Always take time to bounce !
says is the most noticeable difference as lineups begin to snake around corners .
In addition to photographing her subjects , she records how they have managed their time under the new restrictions and the impact it has had on daily life .
Having started the project in April 2020 , Escobar plans to capture a full year of the pandemic and then hopes to mount an exhibition to highlight the transition the community has made and offer residents a way to connect with each other through images . Watch for it in Spring 2021 at the Fernie Museum .
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