FEMS Annual Report 2015 - Page 16


During our Council meetings in September , we saw a number of changes to the Executive Committee :
• Roland Koerner stepped down as Treasurer , and was succeeded by Colin Harwood .
• Bauke Oudega retained his position as Vice-President but stepped down as interim Grants Secretary to be succeeded by Jozef Anné .
• Hilary Lappin-Scott was elected as our new Vice-President-in-Waiting and will take her position as Vice-President in September 2016
We would like to thank Roland for his incredible work as Treasurer and wish him all the best for the future .
We also welcome new arrivals Jozef and Hilary .


In 2015 , the Executive Committee met three times : in January ( Delft , NL ), May ( Aberdeen , UK ) and September ( Linköping , Sweden ). The 2015 Council Meetings – Council consultation and AGM – were held in September at the Scandic Frimurarehotellet in Linköping , Sweden . We welcomed 25 Member Society representatives and were very kindly hosted by the Swedish Society for Microbiology ( Svenska föreningen för mikrobiologi , SFM ).
We had a really productive meeting , receiving valuable input from our Members . We are very grateful to the SFM for organising such a wonderful event , and would like to thank the organisers , Per-Eric Lindgren and Åsa Sjöling ,
for their great hospitality .


Our Executive Committee has been supported by a number of Member Society representatives serving on our Grants , Awards , Meetings and Publications boards over the year :
Dr Ricardo Guerrero
Dr Antonio Ventosa
Dr Helge Holo
Dr Vaso Taleski
We would like to thank all of our Delegate representatives for their hard work in helping us to support both our membership and the microbiology community .
Dr Alexander Netrusov
Dr Beate Averhoff
Dr Gianfranco Donelli
2015 HIGHLIGHTS INTERNATIONAL EDITORS • For the fourth year in a row, FEMS Microbiology Reviews was the 4th-ranking journal in the the field 2 Latin America • Submissions across all journals increased by more than ten percent compared to 2014, with manuscripts arriving from 51 different countries • As we switched to our new publisher, full text downloads remained high at 2.5 milllion in 2015 • New editors from beyond Europe emphasise the global reach of our journals • The arrival of our new Editor-in-Chief, Rich Boden, saw the switch to a new editorial structure for FEMS Microbiology Letters • Our first articles, and thematic series, appeared in the new Professional Development section of FEMS Microbiology Letters • We produced seven thematic issues and six virtual special issues across all five journals highlighting more than 100 articles • OUP and FEMS together promoted the FEMS JOURNALS at international congresses in the UK (3), Mainland Europe (5), North America (4) and Asia (1) 99 Europe 7 Oceania 11 Asia 35 North America Number of FEMS Handling Editors per continent of origin (2015) (Source: Scholar One) 2015 NEW DEVELOPMENTS INTERNATIONAL AUTHORS INTERNATIONAL READERS (Based on full text downloads) 10 8 Middle East 300 Europe Africa 1% Middle East 1% 2% Oceania Oceania 40 3% 74 Asia 137 Nor [Y\XB[X\وX\Y\\HXY]]ܜX\[]ST\۝[[وܚY[ MJH \N\ۙJBM\XBYXBB][[Y\XBB][[Y\XB(QSTYX\\X\X\Y]\[\Y]˜\XKX]\[ٙ\܈X\\K]\YHوH[Z[\X[[[YY[0 MB[[X[[[X[^XH TSJH[]\Y]H܈[[ZXܛؚX[[[\\H PK[Y[۝[H\[[X]BH MHTHYY][[]ܛX[‚(S\\۝X][ۜ[YYTX[ۜ˜\[][X\ܛX\[\^Hۂ0X\(S\\[\X[\YH8$^^HXš[ZXܛؚ[H8$\ܙX]YXܛ[ BST\[‚(S\\ܛZ\[[\X[\YH\ܙX]Y[HXܘ][ۈ]H[X[\\X\\”Y]Hو[Y\XH QJKHYX]X[X[\‘\X\\Y]H QK[\][ۘ[Y]H܂(ST[XY[Y]X]H܈[ST\[\X\ˈ[Y]XݚYHHYX\\HوH[[[و][[ۈ[\XH\XZ]Yۛ[K[X[YYXH[H]]\HX\H L]KSQSPST H]\H IHܝ[Y\XB\[YHوXY\وHST\[Y[^ۛY\Y[ۈ MJH T[X[\ܝ BܘZ[HY]\Y]^HۈH ܙؙ\ MKH\H\[ۘ]HYX\\X\\ݙ\X[HYX\[\HY[X\وHY]ܚX[\وSTYX\\X\ H[\[\][ۜ[H[]\]Hو]”][\]\[XH Y[H XJHHHZY LNMXZ[ٙ\܈[Y[H XH و[ZX[Y[\[[[Y\[H[ NNMH[\][ۈ[[\]\[Y[[X[YX\[HX[YH[Y\]\ٙ\܋ܘZ[HXYHHYH۝X][ۈHY[وYX\\X\ \X[\H[H[]\YHX܋\[Z[[ܚۈZXܛؚX[XH[\Y[][ۈ\[\[H NN 8&\[L8&\ݚYYH[][ۈۂXX[H\X\\]HZ[Z\Y[YX\Y\˂M‚