FEMS Annual Report 2015 - Page 14

PUBLICATIONS THANKS TO EDITORS AND REVIEWERS Working together with our publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP), our international journals – including 4th ranking FEMS Microbiology Reviews – attract and disseminate excellent science and bring in the revenues which fund our charitable activities. This year, following the transition to our OUP, we started off in January by publishing the first issues of our five journals with their new branding. We finished, in December, with a short film, dedicated to our editors, authors, reviewers and other contributors, in appreciation of all of their hard work and commitment to the scholarly community. Dating back to 1977 (which saw the launch of FEMS Microbiology Letters) our journal editorial boards represent our longest-standing specialist network. This year our publications were supported by a professional community of 154 truly international Editors (including 6 Guest Editors) from 31 countries. (Asia, 11; Oceania, 7; Europe, 99; North America, 35; and Latin America, 2). This is an increase from last year (135 Editors) and we’re delighted to say includes greater representation from Asia (9 in 2014), Oceania (6), North America (34) and Latin America (1). We were also supported by around 2,800 reviewers from across 62 countries, and we would like to thank all our 2015 reviewers from FEMS Microbiology Letters, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, FEMS Microbiology Ecology, Pathogens and Disease and FEMS Yeast Research. MEET THE EDITORS Last year we introduced our Editors-in-Chief, including incoming Editor-in-Chief for FEMS Microbiology Letters, Rich Boden. This year we’d like to introduce Letters’ new section editors – both drawn from the existing editorial board and new to the journal – who are working hard together with Rich to develop its eight new sections: Beatrix Fahnert led the publication of our first articles in the new Professional Development section – which is more about being a microbiologist than microbiology itself. We’d like to thank her for the great job she did in leading the section’s first thematic issue, focusing, on this occasion, on Education. Meanwhile FEMS Yeast Research saw Carol Munro welcomed to the position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief, while existing editors Tillmann Lueders, Angela Sessitsch and Julie Olson took up new positions as Senior Editors for FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 14 NEW AND GUEST EDITORS IN 2015 FEMS MICROBIOLOGY LETTERS FEMS MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS Section Editors Handling Editors Beatrix Fahnert (Professional Development