FEMS Annual Report 2015 - Page 10


Having agreed our five-year Strategic Framework at our 2014 AGM , 2015 saw us gearing up to build our future capability as well as to deliver our existing activities . Our collective goals can be summarised as promoting excellence and creating networking and other opportunities for microbiologists in Europe and across the world . Our strategy focuses on 6 key pillars : research , education , policy , business , public engagement and internationalisation , our key role being to help our Member Societies serve the microbiology community through providing resources and opportunities , building capacity , and stimulating collaboration . To achieve these goals , we focused this year on networking , professionalisation and internationalisation , as well as exploring potential new revenue streams that can help maintain and develop our charitable activities .
Throughout 2015 we continued our long-term work on our publications , grants and events as well as our emerging activities in education . This year also saw us start to build new pilots and projects relating to business and public engagement , as well as devote increased attention to the needs and expertise of our membership . Our intention is to continue to build these activities in the coming years , and to start new lines of work relating to policy and internationalization .
• First journal issues published with our exciting new branding
• Launch of cross-journal and cross-partner collections
• Celebration of FEMS2015 – our 6th Congress ; in Maastricht
• Brought in expertise from 163 expert speakers from 22 countries
• Awarded more than € 460,000 in grants
Endorsement for the One Health initiative on AMR
• Well-attended special session on start-ups at FEMS2015
• Initiation of new Business Development role to improve our sustainability
• First special issue on Education in FEMS Microbiology Letters
• First all-day event at a FEMS Congress
• Brought 138 grantees – including 12 from Latin America – to FEMS2015
Feedback from our members indicates a high level of interest in science and public policy issues
• Welcomed 16 new journal editors from Europe , North America , Latin America and Asia
• Renewed our MOU with our American counterpart , ASM
MEMBERSHIP A diverse community Our membership continues to grow with the society, Mikrobiokosmos, from Greece bringing our membership to a total of 53 organisations in September 2015. Our membership currently spans 36 countries across Europe and beyond – including Israel, Turkey, Armenia and Russia. A profile of our newest Member: The non-profit scientific society, MikroBioKosmos (MBK), was established for all researchers in Greece working on non-medical microbiology. It embodies the Hellenic National Initiative for the exploration and commercial exploitation of the microbial national resources, and was formed in 2006 by a small group of non-medical microbiologists. Its aim is to promote research in environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, genomics, bioinformatics and microbial biotechnology. With a key goal of establishing effective international collaboration across its members, MBK has organised six conferences to date, the latest being held in Athens, Greece, in April 2015, and attracting around 350 scientists. Current activities include: • supporting early career researchers in short term research visits to other laboratories abroad • co-organising scientific workshops and a biennial conference • connecting with other relevant societies globally • sharing information on job openings in the field. To date MBK has almost 200 regular, honorary and assisting members. Its board is elected every two years, during the society’s biennal conference. POSSIBLE MEANS TO ADDRESS THESE Professional Development Education and Grants programmes Funding & Professionalisation Business Development and training Recognition & Influence Awards, connectivity and visibility Networking and Community Resource mapping, events and opportunities ADDITIONAL ISSUES 10 With the exception of the Terra Nova strategic consultation in 2001, FEMS’ consultations with its Membership has largely been limited to formal discussions with official Delegates at and around the Council meetings and AGM. Keen to better understand our Members’ needs we launched a number consultation activities in 2014 that continued in 2015 as follows: • FEMS Grants Review Feb 2015 • FEMS Members website review March 2015 • FEMS Membership Review March 2015 • One-to-ones with Delegates and Presidents at our Maastricht Congress June 2015 • Pre-Council consultation Sept 2015 • FEMS Member Society CEO consultatio 7B#P( dT2V&W"7W'fW#R6V6F2l*#PFRvFR&vrF67W762G&vvW&VB'FW6R&6W76W2&WfVvǒFfW'6RV&W'6( 2&vrg&W 6W7B66WGvF&VBSV&W'2FW"[email protected]vF66W"FB( 2FB26FVB7&723b6VG&W0B&VBWW&RWfF&ǒ7V6FfW'6R@6Ww&WW&G26֖&ǒFfW'6RB6WVVG2'WBFW&R&R&V2bfW&F'F7V&ǐFR77VW2b66G&W6W&6W2fVV6R@&fW76*FWfVVBࠤVWBRbW"V&W'3FR7vVF666WGf"֖7&&wU55TU2DTDd[email protected]EU$r45TDD0FfW'6GbFR6VGVWFrW"V&W'>( VVG0Ɩ7BvfW&6R&6W76W06WGFr7FF&G0WW'B7W&FBFWfVVBbVƗG7FF&G07W'ff66G&VWf6RB'W6W726W'f6W0FR7vVF666WGf"֖7&&w7fV6l;g&VvVl;g"֖&&v4dҒ2ƖfR66V6PV&W'6&v6Ff"&W6V&6W'2B7GVFVG2FW&W7FVB֖7&&v666V6W2FR֗76b4d2F7W'BFR&w&W72Bw&wFb֖7&&w7vVFV4d27W'&VFǒ&VBS7FfPV&W'26FVBBVfW'6FW2VfW'6G6VvW2&W6V&67FGWFW2BGW7G'FRV&W'2b4d&W&W6VB'&B7V7G'V`7V&F66ƖW26VFrvVW&֖7&&wV7V &w֖7&&vVWF72֖7&&V6w֖7&&VvVW&rVF6BfWFW&'֖7&&wf&wBVwBW2Vff'BF&Vf[email protected]F2FfW'6GF&Vv&W&W6VFFG2&&BFP&W6VB&&B667G2b 8W66;fƖr&Ɩ67FGWFWBV&W7FrW6VfW'6GvW2WfFW"V\:PVfW'6GFW'2&W&wf7BW6VfW'6G6W0fv6VfVGBVBVfW'6G7Fff7l:G&BW6VfW'6G 9f"VVf'2V&Ɩ2VFvV7b7vVFV7F6ҒBFW&V&W'266V֐W6VfW'6G2v'&vW"VfW'6G`vFV'W&rBW"W&2ƖFw&VƖ;grVfW'6G4d( 27FfG2G2V&W6V&6VWFr֖&&v6Bl:W&;gFR֖7&&w7&rVWFrv62'&vVBFvWFW"vFFRFW"Gv ֖7&&w66WFW27vVFVFRF66WGf"֖7&&w$dҒBFR66WGf"VF6֖7&&wdҒFRVWFrf6ƗFFW2F6&&F2&WGvVVFRV&W'2bFRFffW&V@66WFW2BVfW'6FW22vV2vF67F2BFRF&VR'FW'26&R6vV'6FR4d&V6VFǒV6VB6W&W2bVRFVWFw0f"4dV&W'2F&RVBWfW'WGV7F6गB67FfVǒ7W'G2FW"&W6V&66fW&V6W0Bv&62B&fFW2G&fV7FVG2FFBFW&FVWFw2f"w&GVFR7GVFVG2FRFW&F7FvR4d&W&W6VG27vVFVखFW&FVb֖7&&v666WFW2T2fVFW&FbWW&V֖7&&v666WFW2dT2BWW&VfVFW&Fb&FV6wTd"4dv2fVFVBFRV&ǒc2BVBdT0fV&W"sBBFRfVFrVWFrbFRdT06V6FR6V6BdT2&W6FVBv2FR7vVF6&fW76" 9g&V6FW&B#B&WGvVVS BG"V6FW&v2&fW76"BVfW'6GbvFV'W&rvW&RRfVFVBFRFW'FVB`֖7&&wBVw66RFVfW07vVF6֖7&&v7G2fR&VV"&RV&W'2`4dBFR66WG6FVW2F&fFRGG&7FfPfV6Rf"&FrvVƗGgVFVFBƖ[email protected]&W6V&67&727vVFVࠣ