FEMS Affiliates Letter November 2020 - Page 8


Our Grants Programme

This time of year there are several grants awaiting applications ! Make sure you don ’ t miss the deadlines for our Meeting Organizer Grants ( 1 December ) and Research and Training Grants ( 1 January ).
Members of FEMS Member Societies can apply for grants for research and training , or for support when organizing a scientific meeting , or attending a scientific meeting – including our Member Societies ’ national and regional congresses . Some grants are reserved for Early Career Scientists . Every year we use the income from the FEMS journals to support hundreds of grantees and enable experts to share ideas and promote excellence in science .

Meet FEMS Research and Training Grantee : Alexandra Veress

Alexandra Veres : National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre-Agricultural Biotechnology Institute , NAIK , Genetic , Budapest ( Hungary ) Host supervisor and host laboratory : Rob Kingsley , Quadram Institute Bioscience , Norwich , UK Dates : 09 January to 28 March 2020 Member Society : Hungarian Society for Microbiology
Alexandra Veress : '' The aim of my FEMS project was to investigate candidate novel transcriptional regulators and their cognate promoters that differentiate regulatory networks in gastrointestinal and extraintestinal pathovars of Salmonella enterica . Our central hypothesis was that changes in regulatory networks contribute to host adaptation of Salmonella serotypes . The hypothesis is based on our preliminary data indicating that the ancestor of S . enterica was a gastrointestinal pathovar and that regulatory networks were reconfigured independently during evolution of multiple extraintestinal pathovars but that the configuration of a subset of regulatory interactions converged in multiple extraintestinal pathovars . As a result of my FEMS Research and Training fellowship , we identified multiple extra-intestinal specific regulatory features . FEMS grants are great opportunities for researchers . I am planning to participate at the next Conference , and I think that I will apply for the meeting attendance grant . Thank you very much for this opportunity .’’
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